How to take care of your guests on the big day

Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful days of your life, but it would be nothing without your family and friends. That's why you want to pamper them by making sure they are comfortable on the big day with little touches. You'll see, they'll have unforgettable memories!

A thank you gift

It's a classic, but the thank you gift is a must. Some of your guests will have travelled a long way to get to your wedding, while others will be struggling to slip an envelope into the ballot box. Think of thanking them by offering a small souvenir gift of this great day (sugared almonds, honey pot, personalised soaps...).

A range for ceremonies in the sun

You know how unpleasant it can be to stand still in the sun when the heat is high! So think of your guests and bring small fans to your wedding. They'll probably appreciate the gesture!

A menu adapted to special diets

A wedding where you eat well is a successful wedding! Remember to feed your vegan or allergic guests. It would be a shame if their stomachs growled and it affected their mood for the rest of the evening!

Flip-flops to relieve feet

Heels are all well and good, but only in the short term! Your guests will probably appreciate being able to take off their uncomfortable shoes during the dance. So don't hesitate to bring a few pairs of flip-flops to ease the strain.


Your wedding should be fun for your guests. You don't want them to find the time long! Plan surprises and entertainment throughout the day to keep them busy. For example, a photobooth for them to take home photos of themselves or a game to spread the good cheer will be appreciated.

A snack for long evenings

Knowing your family, are you sure that the evening will last until the early hours? Then think about preparing small sandwiches or soup to serve late into the night. Your guests will certainly be hungry after a certain hour and will happily enjoy this welcome snack.

A nanny for the children

Want to enjoy your friends but don't want to have a wedding without children? Hire a nanny who can look after all those little ones! The parents can enjoy the day and the children can have fun together in a supervised environment.

Handkerchiefs for tears of joy

Tissue box for tears of joy

When you make your wishes, your loved ones will certainly be overwhelmed with emotion. Remember to provide tissues so that they can wipe away their tears of joy. To present them beautifully, you could, for example, make miniature tissue boxes! This will be practical and elegant at the same time!

Hygiene products in the toilet

Your guests will be dancing on the dance floor and their deodorants may not work all night. Provide a small basket in the men's and women's toilets so that no one is embarrassed by simple hygiene concerns. You can put deodorants, feminine hygiene products for the ladies, wipes, plasters and painkillers for minor ailments.

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