The best surprises for a wedding

Corporate gifts

Witnesses, parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen... it's up to you to make this wedding day an unforgettable event by throwing in a few surprises for the bride and groom. Whether you want to organise it with a small group or with the help of all the guests, whether you want to create a "wow" effect or bring the bride and groom to tears, here are our wedding planner ideas to succeed in this challenge and concoct beautiful surprises for the bride and groom.

Wedding Flashmob Trend

The trend in recent years is the flashmob! This choreography set up by the guests will allow as many people as possible to join in the surprise. From 7 to 77 years old, let's all meet on the dance floor! A surprise that grows: on a lively music a first group of guests starts to dance, quickly joined by the rest of the people involved. Emotions guaranteed for the bride and groom who are not expecting a choreography performed by all their relatives.

wedding flashmob

The gift of the dumpling

For this surprise animation, be sure to tell the guests a few weeks or months in advance. Ask them to make a short video in which the participant will receive a crumpled piece of paper which, when unfolded, will reveal a word or a short sentence dedicated to the bride and groom. Once this word is displayed on the screen, he or she will throw a new wad of paper out of the frame and continue with other guests. This will give the impression that the participants are exchanging the paper among themselves. A dynamic montage and music will do the trick! If you don't have Spielberg's talent, there are companies that offer to make this video for you, so take the plunge, follow their advice and impress your friends with an unforgettable dumpling video.

Offer your imprint

So that the bride and groom can keep a unique and personalised souvenir of this day, there's nothing like creating an original composition together: a fingerprint tree.

The concept is simple, each guest will come and put their fingerprint, thanks to coloured inks, on the branches of the tree to create the foliage. The tree is a symbol of life, of love blossoming, but you can also imagine a firework display or choose according to the passions or history of the couple. The imprint is what we have of more singular, also this work shows the support of each one of the guests to accompany the future married couple in this union. If guest books often end up at the bottom of a shelf, this painting hung on their wall will regularly remind them of your presence at their wedding.

wedding flashmob

Photobooth, ready, smile!

This photographic trend from the United States is the perfect way to make sure you leave with memories of your special day. For a successful photobooth, set up a decor with which you can take pictures and install accessories that guests can use to bring an extravagant and fun touch to your pictures. Some photobooths have a different look (from the mirror photo booth to the more vintage or country-style booth) and some offer the possibility of recording short videos in the Tik-Tok spirit. In short, have fun!

Fireworks as a gift

A firework display is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enhance a wedding evening. There is nothing like it to move and dazzle the bride and groom by offering them and all the people present for this event an extraordinary show. Remember to check with the venue to make sure that fires are allowed and entrust this moment to a professional who will take care of all the necessary authorisations.

wedding flashmob

Cards to extend the wedding

Why not surprise the bride and groom in the long run by sending them postcards? To do this, nothing could be simpler: provide postcards that are already stamped and during the evening, pass them around among the guests so that they can add a little note to the couple. You can leave them with the guests and write down the date they should send them, but the safest thing to do is to put them on each table and collect them at the end of the evening and then post them every day, week or month to keep the wedding going. What a great idea for couples to receive in their mailboxes, words, drawings and personalized attentions from their guests.

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    It's no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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