Cockails Bar

Cocktails Bar

Add a touch of freshness and elegance to your special events with Luxury Event's non-alcoholic Cocktail Bar service. Whether it's for your wedding, engagement, birthday or any other festive event, our non-alcoholic cocktails will delight your guests and create unforgettable memories.

Our expert bartenders are mixology virtuosos, ready to put on a show of flavours at every event. They master the art of mixing ingredients to create deliciously refreshing drinks, featuring fresh fruit and aromatic herbs.

Fixed price per number of glasses of Cocktails (Mojitos) :

We offer a simple and flexible formula for our non-alcoholic Cocktail Bar services. You can opt for a package based on the number of glasses of cocktails (mojitos) you need for your event. Whether you have a pre-established cocktail list or would like a variety of personalised creations, we can adapt to your preferences.


Over 8 flavours available for your cocktails

Price includes: glass hire and cocktails


Service staff (1 waiter/waitress per 100 guests) for 4 hours (setting up, serving, tidying up) - 49.90 excl. tax/hour for more than 4 hours


A deposit of 200€ will be required to compensate us in the event of glass breakage (2€ per glass).

Why choose our alcohol-free Cocktail Bar service?

  1. Unique cocktails: Let your guests discover exclusive and original mixes, specially designed for your event. Our bartenders are always on the lookout for the latest trends in cocktails, guaranteeing an unrivalled alcohol-free taste experience.

  2. Freshness and Quality: We use fresh ingredients, seasonal fruit and aromatic herbs to create balanced, tasty cocktails, preserving authentic non-alcoholic flavours.

  3. Professional service: Our bartenders are highly qualified, dynamic and attentive to detail. They ensure that every drink is prepared with care and served with a smile, adding a touch of charm to your event.

  4. Elegant atmosphere: Our non-alcoholic Cocktail Bar area is elegantly appointed, creating a friendly and refined atmosphere that will delight your guests from the moment they arrive.

Contact us now on 0487.10.22.52 or by e-mail at to discuss your requirements and book our non-alcoholic Cocktail Bar service. Treat your guests to a deliciously refreshing alcohol-free tasting experience with Luxury Event.

With our Cocktail Bar, every sip is a celebration of alcohol-free flavours!

Why call on us?

Luxury Event your event organiser 

Flexibility and responsiveness

Our flexibility and our ability to adapt guarantee you increased reactivity in your most demanding projects. At any time you can count on our availability!
Expertise at your service

With more than 15 years of professional experience, our staff will provide you with sound advice for all your requirements.
An exemplary service

Our personalised support is recognised in the market. We take our role as professionals in the field of event organisation very seriously in order to provide you with an impeccable service.

A nationally renowned service in Belgium

We have been pioneers in the event organisation sector for over 10 years. We were there to organise your weddings, engagements and birthdays in Belgium. And we are still here today to help you plan the event of your dreams with solutions tailored to your needs throughout Belgium.

With the help of our professional event planning teams, we are ready to offer you our expertise on site, so please do not hesitate to contact one of our agents.

Find the most frequently asked questions!

Of course we do. We will make sure that we provide you with a solution that fits your timing and budget. If our agents are not able to find a service for you within the given timeframe, we will let you know as soon as possible so that you have time to find another solution.
Absolutely. And if your budget is not at all in line with your request, we will ensure that we accompany you and offer you a similar service at a lower cost.

The key points to provide when briefing an event organiser are

- The objectives dedicated to your event
- The proposed location or geographical area
- If you have already organised events, it is important to tell about the context in which they took place. This can guide our agency.
- The last point to specify is the budget, which is imperative.
It's easy, just go to our website, schedule an appointment with one of our agents or fill out one of our forms,
We will get back to you and you will receive your quote by choosing the products you need and then it's done!
If not, call us directly or give us a call every day from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, we will do the rest together.

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