726.00 (price per unit)

  • Power - 3200 W for temperatures up to 300 °C
  • Large size - the oven can cook pizzas up to 40 cm in diameter
  • Efficiency - professional equipment with outstanding features despite its modest size
  • Convenience - robust hinged door with tempered glass pane
  • High quality - stainless steel housing resistant to corrosion and external influences
  • We have vehicles available for delivery throughout Belgium

  • Payment in 3x

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A compact electric pizza oven with excellent features

The Royal Catering pizza oven is an invaluable aid for preparing all kinds of pizzas. Despite its small size, the cooking appliance impresses with its state-of-the-art properties and is ideal for use in pizzerias as well as cafés, snack bars and other catering establishments. With separate settings for top and bottom heat, the practical pizza oven offers everything you need for a crispy base with a juicy topping!

Get unbeatable results with a pizza oven with heated top and bottom

With an output of 3200 W, the pizza oven heats reliably and quickly to temperatures of 300°C. The large inner chamber with fireproof surface ensures optimum heat distribution and tasty pizzas. This professional pizza oven is compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter, yet still allows you to bake pizzas up to 40 cm in diameter. You'll also receive a practical aluminium baking tray with your oven, as well as a pair of potholders.

What's more, it's child's play to use! Use the timer to select the cooking time you want, up to 99 minutes. It has a large tilting door so you can place pizzas in the oven and remove them safely despite the heat. The sturdy stainless steel oven has an insulated handle for ease of use in the daily frenzy. You can always keep an eye on your products through the tempered glass viewing window and integrated chamber light, so that every pizza, tarte flambée and other dish or pastry is served perfectly golden brown.

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We have vehicles to deliver throughout Belgium and France


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